KNOW/HOW is a space for creative research and
communing located inside of The Luminary.

We offer a range of artist books, theory & cultural criticism, chapbooks, zines, gifts,
and other printed ephemera for purchase or browsing, in-person and online.

✦ now open for in-person shopping and browsing ✦

Pur·suit: playing cards by Naima Green
Body Works by Liz Barr
Imaginings : Kiki van Eijk
Queer and Now : Nicolo Gentile
All About Love: bell hooks
Another World | The Transcendental Painting Group : Albuquerque Museum
Apartment 19: Lamby
Forces of Art : Carin Kuoni, Jordi Baltà Portolés, Nora N. Khan, Serubiri Moses.

split my sides

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