Black Coffee joins KNOW/HOW at The Luminary

Black Coffee, an endeavor previous housed as a pop-up, will be operating out of our bookshop/bar area starting on 9/8 with regular, open hours Weds-Sat 9am - 3pm. We are so excited to welcome Aloha Mischeaux, the owner and soul operator of Black Coffee, to our home at 2701 Cherokee St.

From Aloha:

"Hi! My name is Aloha Mischeaux. I’m an artist, mentor, and a St. Louis girl. I love coffee. I think it has a very smooth way of bringing people together. It was about a year ago when I was struggling creatively to get a writing project done, and I wanted to go to a coffee shop that would give me the vibes I needed. No chaos. No noise. No distractions. Just how I like my coffee, Black. It was then I realized that I had to create that place or rather “WE” create that place. It’s been such a joy collaborating with local Stl businesses and sharing my research of black and brown coffee roasters that are right here in St. Louis, and all over the world! I’m super honored to now be sharing space with The Luminary Arts Gallery and Know How Book Shop. They support the Black Coffee vibe and the mission to grow the businesses of coffee roasters of color. I look forward to pouring you a delicious cup of Love Bean Platinum Roast or Soul Coffee Roaster’s Dark Horse Blend. Come grab a cup and go or sit chill. You see, it’s not about the coffee; it’s about Us. See you soon :)"

Come say hi and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the shop or to go!

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