Fixtures of another kind / penny universities and leaflets of the White Rose: a Southland Institute elsewhere seminar held in person at KNOW/HOW

KNOW/HOW books + print, in support of The Luminary, is pleased to present our first resident program with the Southland Institute-- joining us from March 23-27th, 2022.

In this 5-day seminar of collective inquiry, the first three evenings (Wed/Thurs/Fri) will involve developing a common discourse in consideration of syllabus materials as catalysts for discussion in relation to at-hand examples of the social spaces incorporated into the cultural venues of St. Louis. These considerations will become publicly activated on Saturday during The Luminary’s open hours where participants will co-facilitate a day of St. Louis learning among through a supersaturation of conversations, talks, workshops as materialization of a penny university. On Sunday, seminar participants will design and produce a collaborative publication simultaneously collating and disseminating their 5 days together.

More information, including the seminar materials and sign up form, may be accessed here.


The Southland Institute (for critical, durational, and typographic post-studio practices) is dedicated to implementing meaningful, affordable, sustainable alternatives in postsecondary design and art education in the United States. Toward the potentials of unaccredited, non-terminal education, the Southland Institute attends to the gaps, grey areas, interrelationships, and common boundaries between these concerns, as well as their connection and relation to broader questions and circumstances.

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