Copy Shop

We currently offer xerox printing and spiral binding services at discounted rates open during our regular hours and by appointment.



per sheet
BW, letter: .10 / page
BW, tabloid: .14 / page
Color, letter: .40 / page
Color, tabloid: .60 / page



We Provide:

stack cutter, paper trimmer, cutting board/x-acto blades, TruBind coil binding machine, plastic coils (5-16mm, variety of colors), coil crimper, long-reach stapler, variety colored paper in letter and tabloid sizes



Sample DIY Publication Costs:

Color booklet, 11 x 17 / 10 pages, (folded, final size letter, 20 pages), staple bound:

$4 / piece

Spiral bound book, 5x9 / 50 pages BW, (original print size 8x10) with plastic front/back cover

$7.50 / piece ($5.00 (print) + $2 (cover) + .50 spiral binding)
Spiral bound book, custom paper, 100 pages, bw, (no cover) $11/piece


Print Memberships

For regular use of the copier, consider signing up for a recurring monthly membership and save:


Print Membership Prices

BW Starter Pack

$5 / 100 impressions

BW Super Pack

$15 / 300 impressions
Color Pack

$30 / 150 color impressions, 300 BW

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Print on Demand services

At this time we are not offering Print on Demand services, sorry! We will be back soon.