HALCYONIC : Margaux Wilhite
HALCYONIC : Margaux Wilhite

HALCYONIC : Margaux Wilhite

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a collection of 18 poems exploring themes of: nonlinear growth, nature, routine, identity, closure, sobriety, form, placement, adulthood, movement, and patience.

halcyonic is defined as calm, tranquil, and carefree. this collection of poems is that for me (in many ways) and i hope it can be that for you too.

published spring 2021


Margaux is a midwest based writer, poet, and visual artist from St. Louis, MO, currently residing in Chicago, IL. She is working towards a MFA of Creative Writing - Poetry at Lindenwood University. 

Margaux self-published her first chapbook, the way your mom cuts oranges, in the Summer of 2019 followed by her second chapbook, HALCYONIC, released in the Spring of 2021. 

Margaux also makes and distributes zines, like general chaos and HIGH PERFORMANCE.